Support is available for you

There are a range of healthcare professionals that can help you manage your MS. Having a team to support you can really help. There are also special, dedicated MS clinics in Australia. Some of the health experts that can help include: 

  • Physiotherapist – Can help manage leg weakness, gait problems and balance and coordination and teach you stretching and strengthening exercises 
  • Exercise physiologist – Can design an exercise plan, and teach you how to safely perform the exercises
  • Occupational therapist – Can show you ways to make daily tasks easier 
  • Speech pathologist – Can evaluate and help with any speech and swallowing difficulties
  • Cognitive therapist – Can help with any problems with thinking and memory
  • Psychologist – Can help with mental health and processing emotions.

Learning to manage stress, emotions and mental health through activities like yoga and meditation may also help.

icon_compassMS Australia has developed a handy tool called the Service Compass, which can help you to identify the support you may need and connect to a healthcare professional

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