It is possible to lead a full and rewarding life with MS

Enjoying nature with your partner, playing with your children, watching your grandkids play sport, going to the movies with a friend or simply catching up with someone over coffee can provide joy and help you feel connected.

There are some symptoms of MS, such as fatigue, that can impact on your social activities. There are, however, ways to plan for and manage the impact of symptoms on your life:


icon_tickWhen you want to spend quality time with someone, it can help to plan simple activities such as a walk around the neighbourhood, or a catch up over coffee at home rather than strenuous activities
icon_tickIt can help to let your friends and family know when you are experiencing symptoms, and to explain what they are (e.g. difficulties with balance and coordination) so that they are aware and can help to plan appropriate activities
icon_tickPlan activities around your fatigue levels, perhaps an early morning activity suits you best, or ensure you can be home at a certain time so that you can have a nap or rest
icon_tickPoint out that you may need to cancel or reschedule with little notice if you are experiencing symptoms, and that this doesn’t mean you don’t want to spend time with your friend or family member


In this video, Jemma shares how important it is to her to spend time with her friends and family.