Your voice is important

People affected by MS and their carers and families have a right to be involved or represented in all matters that affect their wellbeing, from policy, to healthcare and employment.1 The Australian Government recognised the importance of a patient-centred approach to health care in 2010 when it endorsed the Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Health Care.1 There remains a strong ongoing need for advocacy for "positive patient-centred" care.1

Volunteering has lots of benefits for the community or person you are helping as well as for the volunteer. It not only helps people to engage with their communities and strengthen social ties and prevent isolation, it also provides a sense of purpose and a source of fulfilment.

There are lots of ways to get involved, whether it be related to the rights of people with MS, mentoring a student, writing the club newsletter, helping with fundraising, or pitching in and helping out at the local community sausage sizzle.

icon_laptopCheck out the Multiple Sclerosis Network of Care website to see how your voice can be heard

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