Your healthcare team is there to support you

People with MS who are well informed about their disease and its treatment, and have strong and open relationships with healthcare professionals, are less like to experience serious relapses.1

Some suggestions for developing great relationships with your healthcare team include:2

  • Being as open and honest as you can be, sharing your fears and concerns
  • Being part of the decision-making process by explaining what is important to you, such as your family and home, your job, and/or your hobbies
  • Always letting your team know if you have any side effects or symptoms when you are on treatment
  • Letting your team know what matters to you and asking as many questions as you need to

Members of your healthcare team

You will have different people help you along the way, and this will change depending on your experience, your response to MS, and any symptoms you may experience.

  • Your neurologist will be the person who diagnoses you, provides treatment options, prescribes a disease-modifying therapy for your MS, and assesses you to see how your treatment is working or whether a different treatment might be needed
  • Your GP will help manage symptoms or side effects of treatment, will be involved in the management of your MS and any other conditions you may have, and can provide you with referrals to other health experts
  • MS nurses play a key role in the support of people with MS, they can provide you with information about MS or the different treatments, they can provide support and counselling, and they can help you monitor your response to your medication, including any side effects
  • A psychologist is someone who can help you to work through your thoughts, emotions and feelings, and your GP can help you access sessions that are Medicare rebated.

There is a bunch of online services as well as helplines with friendly counsellors on the end of the phone who are available for a simple chat or to share some of your bigger problems or fears:


Beyond Blue

1300 22 4636



13 11 14


MS Australia

1300 010 158


MS Network of Care Australia

icon_laptopMS Clinics provide specialist diagnosis and treatment of people with MS and are located throughout Australia. Head over to the MS Australia website to find your closest clinic.



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