It is normal for people with MS to feel guilty1

Some people with MS feel they have somehow caused the condition, while others feel they have let down their friends and family. You may feel like you are a burden to your family, especially if their lifestyles have changed, or your family now has less income because you have had to reduce your working hours.

MS can also cause a range of emotions for your family members. They may blame the person with MS for difficulties that the condition has created, especially financial or relationship problems. This can make your feelings of guilt even worse.

Try to talk it through. Acknowledging the guilt is an important step, and helps with the grieving process. Talking about why you are feeling guilty can also help lift the burden from you and your family.

Check out this kids' video from the MS Lifelines® that simply explains what MS is

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Learning more about MS is important for everyone in the family, not just for the person with MS. Encourage your friends and family to learn about MS, as this will help you all to have open and honest conversations.

MS Australia has some excellent resources for family and friends of people with MS.

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