Quick action to prevent or slow damage to the brain is important1

MS causes damage to the brain, which begins at the start of the disease.1 Although some of the brain lesions and nerve damage that occurs in the early stages of MS can be repaired, the ability of the brain to regenerate becomes less effective as you get older.1

Why is early multiple sclerosis treatment important?

Quick action to prevent or slow damage to the brain is important, in order to avoid any irreparable damage to the brain or the systems that help to repair it and to maximise lifelong brain health.1 There is some evidence to show that early treatment can minimise long-term disability.1,2

It is also important that therapy be continued over time.3 Your doctor may discuss increasing your medication dose or trying another treatment to try to slow down any disease activity.

Watch this video from the American Academy of Neurology on treatment and why early multiple sclerosis treatment is important

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